7 reasons you should never throw your orange peels away

Orange peels does wonders than you can ever imagine.

Apparently, I have been doing it wrong my whole life! Just beneath the skin peels lies an abundance of fruit acids and vitamin C. Orange peels can be used for the skin, face, eyes, pimple treatment, hair packs, cleaner and for holding wax as candles.

Orange peels can be used when fresh or when it is dried, but it is best to dry the orange peels in the sun and use them, as they last longer than fresh peels.  Here are some ways to use orange peels:



Peels improve skin tone

Orange peels can remove skin blemishes and dark spots. Their vitamin C content maintains your skin’s suppleness, prevents dullness and adds a healthy glow. It even acts as a natural sunscreen by blocking harmful UV rays.

Here’s how to use orange peels for a good skin:

To prepare orange peel powder,  slice the peels into smaller pieces

Dry the peels in the sun for about 3 days.


Grind them using handmade or blender .

Whitens teeth

You know that yellow tinge on your teeth, orange peels can remove it. They contain a compound called d-limonene, which helps reduce teeth staining (even from smoking!)

Here’s how:


Aids weight loss

Vitamin C has been shown to help you lose weight. Orange peels have tons of the stuff. In order to aid your weight loss goals, replace coffee or soda with orange peel tea.

Here’s how to lose weight with orange peels:

Orange peels can be use for the hair

The peels can be added to any homemade hair rinse while making it, it will give a nice citrus smell and will prevent itchy scalp.


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Orange peel tea for digestion

Orange peel is known for it's effectiveness in aiding digestion. To make the tea, boil a cup of water and add the dried orange peels and strain. You can sweeten with honey, if you desire.

Orange peels can be use to scare away cats

If you want to get rid of your neighbors cat from your house, spread some orange peels around the home. Cats hate the smell of the oranges and this is the best natural way to get rid of them.


Orange peels are good for birds

Orange peels make amazing bird feeders. Cut the fruit in half and after juicing it, remove the pith from inside and poke two holes in the opposite side of each of the peels. Insert a twine in the holes and hang the fruit in the balcony, now fill it with seeds and your bird feeder is ready!

So the next time you buy oranges, make sure not to throw the skin away!


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