Pictures are deceptive, sometimes. With the advancement of camera technology and photo filters, it’s an undeniable fact that real life may not be captured on camera.

For most scenarios, these photos make better what real life depicts. But I guess something different happened with respect to the talks about Akosua Vee’s wedding dress during her marriage ceremony with Kwame A-Plus.

Having learned Akosua Vee was a ‘Celebrity Stylist’ and ‘Fashion Blogger’ according to her Instagram page, I went to her wedding with a ‘diabolic’ headline that will sell for millennials. Don’t judge me. You’d have done same if you were in my shoes.

The very few privileged to have access to my status saw my headlines hours before the time A-Plus and Akosua Vee were scheduled to walk down the aisle.


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I know how you may be feeling considering the fact that someone could actually go negative on another person even before the latter is given a chance to prove themselves.

However, if you’ve gone through Akosua Vee’s photos on Instagram, you should probably know by now that the stakes were set higher by her own standards. Topping that was a hard nut to crack, or so I thought.

The truth is, as Akosua walked with her father to meet Kwame who had arrived a few minutes earlier, I was disappointed. Disappointed in the sense that my headline had just gone down the drain.

I had no reason whatsoever to keep that headline because honestly speaking, Akosua slayed like the ‘slay queen’ she is on Instagram.

Even so, I thought my initial headline was that great people would love to see what’s beneath a headline like that. So when my colleague said he did not like Vee’s wedding dress the Monday after A-Plus wedded Akosua Vee, I quickly suggested my headline and yeah, he did like it.

But now, I think it’s not fair not to state why I ditched that headline I was so eager to use. So here we go.

A walk down the aisle

You know how ladies are almost always late at their own Ghanaian weddings and you keep wondering what at all were they doing?

Well, Akosua Vee actually showed she was doing something when she showed up alongside her father at The Chandelier.

Vee went with a V, Victoria Wedding Dress (See what I did there? Lol).

The off-white vintage gown was a spectacular blend to Akosua’s skin proving its something you only pull off when you know what you’re doing.

But wait for it. Some comments on social media are asking why ‘Didn’t she wash her wedding dress?’ Like seriously? If that was a joke, it’s not even funny.

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Unless you’re living in the 30’s, choosing white for your wedding gown is no longer compulsory. And a fashionista should know that. Of course, Akosua Vee did and that’s evident in her choice of gown.

Now to the ‘It was so big’ comments. No, it wasn’t!

The fact is, it was not to the usual standards your eyes are used to. It wasn’t the slim fit white wedding dress you saw at your cousin’s wedding, your fashion sense is rejecting. Cool enough but don’t just rubbish it because it’s not your usual norm.

For a celebrity stylist, the embellishments on the wedding dress could have been a wee bit less than we say but hey, you either go big or stay home and obviously, Akosua was just too keen to tie the knot with Kwame. She wasn’t gonna stay home so she went BIG.

Baby Mamma

Now baby mamma here is not the regular meaning you’re used to. This is from the point that this ‘Mamma’ was hiding a ‘Baby’ under her wedding gown according to, well, the detectives on social media.

I’m no pregnancy detector to say that Akosua Vee was pregnant or not when she walked down the aisle. And considering the fact that the two had done their traditional ceremony earlier and signed on the low-key way back in March, saying she wasn’t pregnant when you’re not A-Plus could be a bold move.

However, what I can say is she was not hiding a pregnancy and her outfit for the reception would prove this.

Akosua Vee just went with a choice and looking at the choice she made, I personally think she looked gorgeous. But then again, the photos people are seeing may probably be deceptive.

The Perfect Reception Dress

I don’t know where to even start from.

Akosua’s reception dress was a see-through dress adorned with crystal patterns. The blend and choice of colour complimented by the white crystals sparkled under the lights of the reception room.

Moving from the more puffy wedding dress to the slim fit, it seems the fashion blogger knew talks would come up in relation the size of her gown so she showed she could rock it all; slim fit or whatever fit.

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Why is nobody talking about that make-up?

I’m not a fan of make-ups because, for most ladies, they forget the one rule that could make or break your entire look, the boundary to the ‘no make-up’ skin.

The blend on Akosua Vee’s face and neck for all her two make-ups (ow yeah, TWO on the day) were just perfect. The tone of her skin and the make-up was just a masterpiece. Not too much, not too little.

And whether it was seeing her face to face or under the lights of the cameras, charlie, there’s little to complain.

Bridesmaids, décor and the Joy Daddy girls

The fashion blogger and celebrity stylist had an eye for detail for her everything nice on her wedding day.

Her bridesmaids were on point with Phthalo bluish gray dress complimented by their red fascinators.

Having projected for their reception to go into the night, the lighting and décor was a work of art. A few things could have been better but it’s fair to let people have some for error when the stakes are too high.

And ow, the Joy Daddy girls! Ushers on fleek.

The verdict

If you’ve been on social media for some time now, you should know people just follow the pack and that could have been the beginning of the whole ‘too big’ ‘not ironed’ wedding dress for Akosua Vee’s case.

But look beyond social media. People go to a wedding just to find the negatives to talk about (especially ladies). Yes, I said it!

However, most of the guests present at A-Plus and Akosua Vee’s wedding will just attest to the face that the lady looked awesome in both dresses.

PS: All of this write-up and its conclusions may have come from my bias after Akosua Vee filled her reception room with the Pentecost Fire. Damn, this lady can sing!