It was a case of old foes-turned-friends after Ghanaian actor

The pair have rarely been on the same page, and have often been involved in numerous social media spats in the past.

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Jon Benjamin has after taken a swipe at the actor over the state-owned V8 vehicle which was confiscated from Dumelo last year.

However, it appears both men are cool after all, and have put everything behind to unite in London.

In a Twitter post, Dumelo referred to the UK Diplomat as his “good friend”, whiles sharing a photo of them having a drink together.

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Dumelo wrote: “Stopped by to see my good friend Jon Benjamin in London.”

However, later in the day, their trolling relationship was back to default setting as the actor could not resist the chance to get one over his old “Twitter foe”.

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Following England’s loss to Croatia in the World Cup semi-final, Dumelo immediately took the opportunity to troll Jon Benjamin, reminding him that the trophy “is not coming home”.

The actor wrote, “it’s not coming home Jon Benjamin”, accompanied by several laughing emojis.