Thousands of Ghanaians to benefit from National Entrepreneurship & Innovation Plan

Government of Ghana has disclosed its decision to roll out interventions to build the capacity of SMEs in Ghana

This he says will equip Ghanaians with entrepreneurship skills to become job creators  rather than seekers.

He disclosed this move during the launch of the Enterprise Africa Summit in Accra.

Addressing participant at the launch of the event, Mr. Awal said the Enterprise Africa Summit is in line with government effort at improving the entrepreneurial skills of Ghanaians.

He explains that, every year, over seventy thousand graduates are churned at of various tertiary institutions in Ghana and less than 30 percent of the lots are absorbed by the public sector.

“About seventy percent will have to find jobs in the private sector but the private sector is not growing enough to absorb the unemployed,” he added

According to the minister, government has put in place measures to create an enabling environment for private sector operations to thrive.

He pointed out that, the abolishment of some taxes by government is one of its ways to ease the cost of doing business.

Mr.Awal futher said solid businesses and enterprises are the driving force of developed countries and Africa as a developing continent will need strong enterprises, practical and well informed entrepreneurs to steer its affairs to be able to achieve the required level of development.

Organized by the British Council, the Enterprise Africa Summit is to equip participants with leadership skills, expertise in business development, governance, social enterprise research, best practices and academia which will be relevant to building strong enterprises in Ghana and Africa at large.

“Ghana is ready for business,” he concluded.

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