Some poultry farmers across the country have threatened not to alert authorities of any cases of bird flu incidence on their farms.

The government promised to pay the farmers about GH¢11 million as compensation for culling 111,000 birds during the Avian influenza (bird flu) outbreak two years ago.

But the farmers claim that only GH¢1 million was paid as compensation to 25 farmers.

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They now claim that they will rush infected birds to the market for sale as soon as they detect signs of bird flu on their farms, Graphic Business reports.

The deadly H5N1 virus or bird flu has killed so many people worldwide, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, since 2013.

In Ghana, figures from the Veterinary Services Directorate show that the disease has affected about 66 poultry farms across the country as of May this year. The recent occurrence is in January.