Video of a

A certain topless man is also seen in the video pushing the young cow away as it approached him, apparently for help. It is not clear if the animal belongs to him or not.

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Two-legged cow

Another thing that is far from clear has to do with the circumstances that led to the loss of the front legs of the calf. reported some social media users sharing their displeasure about how the young cow was left to struggle, suggesting that it be given assistance.

The news portal quoted one Gernaine Louise Thomas as saying, “I am so heartbroken. Will no one help? We live in such a selfish world.”

Two-legged cow

Kaelynn Mara who could not hide her empathy said, “Why haven’t they made the thing some sling with wheels, I’m sad.”

But Sukairaa Leishman held a different view. He thought the owner should “Shoot this poor thing and put it out of its misery.”