Simple rules that will get you employed

An application letter is the first step to finding a job. Follow these simple rules on how to write an application letter to get your next job.


What is a letter?

A letter is a written form of communication between two or more people. It allows people to express themselves in writing.

Every type of letter , be it formal or informal comes with features that guides you on how to go about it to achieve the deserved results.

This article however aims at giving you the guidelines in writing a formal or business letter.

Now in your quest to work as an employee in a reputable company or organisation, you should have an attractive resume and a cover letter for the job application. This will lead you to the door of employment.

Always begin your letter with your contact information at the top left of your letter

Write your address on the top right hand side of the letter and the address of the recipient thus the person you are writing the letter to on the left side mostly starting from below your address. You should provide a contact for your prospective employer to contact you for further information when the need be.


The date is not part of the address and should be written after the address and the month in words.

Salutation or greeting

It is advisable to find the name of the person you are writing to but if you have no idea whom you are writing to then address to both title like;

Dear Sir/Madam

You can write this when you do not know the name of the person you are writing to always address it as Sir or Madam.


It is important to include a heading in your letter and under line it. The heading defines the purpose of the letter and it should be written in capital or block letters. Example:


This is where you write the necessary information needed.

You are not obliged to reveal where you found the position to which you are applying but you can include it in your letter.

It is however advisable to read about the organisation or company you wish to work for.

Give reason why you should be employed with your application letter

Let them know you are ready to help solve any problem by highlighting on you experiences thus if there’s any. You should talk about your accomplishments as well. For example, if the vacant position requires someone who can supervise people in an engineering firm or writing and editing stories as a journalist, it is necessary to speak about your experience by telling them how you performed during your first job but if there is no experience talk about how willing you are to learn on the job.

Briefly talk about your qualifications and abilities or skills that you think should be considered in hiring you for the job. You can refer to your resume or curriculum vitae (CV) and talk about recent accomplishment. For example, your story as a journalist might have won an award it is highly acceptable to dig deep about it.

Create an image in the eyes of the human resources manager or the person in charge of hiring you. You may have the best resume or CV coupled with an attractive letter but you should create a picture of the personality behind all the accomplishment stated in the letter but it should be short and precise. Don’t beat around the bush.

End your letter by summarising why you are the right person for the job

Always end your letter on a good note and let them know your readiness to speak further about the position and also include some form of contact in your letter.

In conclusion

Always end your letter with statements like; I look forward to hearing from you concerning the job or hope to hear from you soon, I am looking forward to hearing from you and a thank you at the next paragraph.

Formal letters require your name in full and your signature as well. Example;

Jackie Joy Adams


It is very necessary to always write to impress but do not exaggerate since exaggeration can ruin your letter and chances of landing the job you seek. Be simple, short and precise. Your letter should show you confidence and use formal words.

So take a chance, practice and feel the excitement that comes with formal/business letter writing.


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