Country Director of Microsoft Ghana, Derick Appiah has enumerated the number of enhancements being provided by Microsoft using cloud computing technology.

“ The One Note Classroom allows educators to better interact with their students, share notes, access assignments and generally better interact with their students.”

He made this known in his address to the gathering of ICT players at the International Conference on Advance in Trends in ICT and Management-ICAITM organized by the BlueCrest College in Accra, aimed at discussing the many possibilities of cloud computing for sustainable development in Africa.

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For students, the country director of Microsoft Ghana said One Note Classroom create a better learning experience.

“ For students, it creates a better way of learning  which is more productive, as it  provides the opportunity to collaborate with other students all over the world to share knowledge.”

Microsoft’s values include a strong commitment to the privacy of their clients, and the safety of their opportunities.

With this background of strong commitment to ICT ethics, Microsoft Ghana sees cloud computing as very much a part of the future and a force the presents many opportunities for improving lives.

“For us at Microsoft Ghana, the cloud is an intelligent cloud and it presents more opportunities for several spheres of life as I have demonstrated above, using education alone.”