I didn't kill J.B Danquah - Anas confesses

In a bid to discredit Anas and his latest work on the Ghana Football Association, the vociferous Agyapong said Anas has a hand in the death of Danquah because he is having an affair with the late MP's wife.

He said the rumours, being circulated by Kennedy Agyapong, are baseless and lacks merit.

“They say I have murdered him (J.B. Danquah -Adu )…Maybe I did it and I was asleep, maybe, it is possible. Let them take this evidence to the police, I think by now we should have been invited so that how I killed him and how he died all that can be tendered in. It is also in my interest that we find out the murderer,” he said in an interview on Thursday 28 June 2018.


He said: “I have been accused of extortion and all because of Number 12. In four days, what have I not gone through? So, those who speak and [say] he can be bought, he can be this and that, I have gone to the court of law to establish my case” adding, those involved will have their day in court."

“Not even one of these accusations will stand, it will come out as falsehood deliberately aimed at tarnishing my image so that people will not believe what I say but let me tell you this no matter what they do, not matter the attempts on my life I will survive this, I will stand the test of time, I will encourage more people…if you take [out] Anas today there will be another Anas tomorrow”, he added.

The late J.B Danquah-Adu was murdered at his Shiashie residence on 9 February 2016. The hitman gained access to the MP’s bedroom by climbing a ladder.


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