Apple launches a waterproof iPhone 7 with huge camera upgrade

All you need to know about Apple's Event for the unveiling of the new iPhone 7.

For that past few years, the kind of secrecy and exclusivity prior to the launch of a new iPhone has drastically reduced since the channels of photo leakages have been explored.

Back in 2007 when the first iPhone launched, it was a massive surprise as the tech world did not expect what Steve Jobs landed on them.

Fast forward to 2016 and rumours of the new iPhone 7 were all over the place before the Apple Conference on September 7, 2016.


News of a waterproof iPhone had already dominated the tech world with rumours of a new shade of black coming with this year’s upgrade.

The double lens camera for iPhone 7 Plus was also in the rumour mill with pictures galore emerging daily on social media.

So for the tech world the news on the day of the event were not quite new.

The Event

Apple started the event with their usual talk of how the AppStore keeps improving and getting more apps.


Then Tim Cook dived into the more reason why the world should ignore all other mobile phones and get some money in the region of $600 to join the iPhone family.

Of course, this wouldn’t be an Apple Event for an iPhone launch if ‘We are so excited’ wasn’t abused.

Yes! They were so excited and so were some of the few people invited for the event.

The first point of cheer at the conference was when Tim Cook announce long term Nintendo friend Super Mario was coming to the AppStore. It was quite surprising that Mario took the shine off Pokemon Go.

The games were introduced but deep down, invitees were just looking out for the official announcement of the iPhone 7.


Apple Watch Series 2

The latest Apple Watch will be the Series 2. The device will have a GPS that will allow the watch to perform mapping on its own.

The biggest upgrade to the Apple Watch however is the swimproof and water resistant shell.

Apple has designed it in a way that it practically pushes out water filled in gaps by itself.

So cool. Ain’t it?


The watch however does not come on a cheap though as Apple products have proven to be over the years.

The device which has the same design but better insides will go for $369 minimum.

Perhaps the most awaited piece of new technological device for the year 2016. Apple have done this over and over again but it never seems boring.

Knowing that almost everything about the next-gen iPhone had already been in the rumour mill, Apple took their key points on the finer details that had eluded the hawk-eyes of the rumour mongers.


The body of the new iPhone 7 comes in a new colour known as the ‘Jet Black’. With a new way of fixing the stainless steel Apple logo at the back, ‘Jet Black’ and it’s shiny feel will definitely get the kind of good reception the ‘Rose Gold’ did when it was introduced.

There is also an all-black model which comes with a black Apple logo and the usual gold, rose gold and silver options.

iPhone 7’s Home Button

This is technical. The Home Button will rely on what they call the taptic engine just like the new Mac trackpads. It’s a feel not click.

A water resistant iPhone 7


Probably the most awaited feature in the history of the iPhone. The new iPhone 7 will be more durable and have waterproof and dust proof capabilities.

So now, you can briefly drop your iPhone 7 in the pool without any trouble. But don’t made it a habit of putting it in your swimming pants while you swim.

The new camera for the iPhone 7

The next-gen iPhones will have optical image stabilization and a 12 megapixel sensor that is 60 percent faster.

In short, the iPhone 7 has better image taking qualities than the iPhone 6s and SE.


What is worth knowing is also the dual lens for the iPhone 7 Plus camera. Apple says it challenged its engineers to do something quite close to impossible for mobile phones and they delivered.

The dual lens in the iPhone camera adds a new picture taking mode called ‘Portrait’.

Portrait delivers the quality of a shallow depth of field.

So now, you can kind of blur the background the next time you take a photo with the iPhone 7 Plus.

A real difference between the iPhone and iPhone Plus aside the big screen since the Plus series emerged.


Audio and Headphones for the iPhone 7

The headphone jack has been ditched! Hurray or booo?

The replacement is however one fans of Apple Products can’t complain; the wireless AirPods.

The AirPods will use Infrared sensors to detect when the device is in your ears. Setup process is easy. Siri access is easy. Wireless, Effortless, Magical.

All in all, simply awesome for only $159 … *Sneezes* Bless me.


The others

There is the technical details about the performance due to upgrade in processors, the battery life, brighter displays and more.


The iPhone 7 pre-orders start Friday and will be available in stores on September 16.

The iPhone 7 will come in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB starting at $649 that is 2570 Ghana Cedis.


iPhone 7 Plus will be in the same storage capacities starting at $769 which is in the region of 3045 Ghana Cedis.

iPhone. This is 7.


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