The average woman burns 70 calories during sex, while men work off a centurion 100 calories.

Of course, depending on the athleticism of your partner, these numbers might vary, but the takeaway lesson for everyone is that shagging builds up an appetite.

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But what should you be eating after doing the wild thing? We've got you covered.

A banana or banana based dish

You need potassium to prevent leg cramps. Plus bananas. . . you know? Bananas.

A sandwich

If you haven’t found a way to incorporate it into your lovemaking you might as well enjoy it afterwards right.

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Congratulations, you just started your day with sex. Now have a very nutritious breakfast and go to work feeling superior to everyone.


What pairs well with morning sex you ask? A heaping stack of pancakes is the obvious answer here. Things might get a little sticky when you add syrup, but it’ll only give you an excuse to shower together right after.

A slice of pizza

If you are leaving immediately after your tryst why not go all the way and stop for some extremely pleasurable yet sometimes regrettable calories too? Nothing says successful one night stand like a slice.

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If you’re looking for something light and refreshing after sex, fruit is the way to go. Fruit is virtually mess free so you can eat it in bed, and it’s good for you!


Sometimes a glass of ice cold water is really all you need to get you functioning again. Whether sparkling or tap, water is always a good idea.