Founder of Action Chapel International, Archbishop

According to the man of God, Christian men are boring in relationships which has caused problems for women in marriages advising them to desist from such attitude.

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Preaching to his congregation on Palm Sunday, March 25 at Action Chapel International, he said "Some of the problems in the church with Christian women and their husbands is the fact that a lot of Christian men are not romantic. A lot of Christian men, you are very boring."

He has charged the women to respect and adore their husbands.

"If you don't respect him, don't marry him", Archbishop Duncan-Williams stressed, warning: "Because if you marry him, it won't work". "You can quote all the scriptures in this world and say the two shall be one, it will not work".

"The need of every man", Archbishop Duncan-Williams added.

He has also charged the men to stick to particular ways of doing things in the bedroom with their wives.

"One way all the time; same place all the time, always bedroom, always you turn the light off," he noted.

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He stressed that marriage is not about prayer meetings, Bible studies and spirituality admonishing the men to be responsible over them.

"Your wife cooks every day. You don't take her [out] to lunch, you don't take her to dinner, you're always doing Bible studies and prayer meetings. Marriage is not prayer meetings, marriage is not Bible studies. Marriage is not spirituality. Marriage requires some things; you have to do some things. Christian brothers wake up," he said.

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