Over 500 aggrieved customers of Care for Humanity International, a non-governmental organisation have called for the immediate arrest of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the DKM Diamond Microfinance, Mr Martin Delle for robbing the people of their lifetime savings.

Back in May 2015, a number of financial institutions and fun clubs including DKM Microfinance, God Is Love Fun Club, Care for Humanity and a host of others, were slapped with a 90-day suspension by the central bank for violating sections of the Banking Act.

The accounts of these companies were blocked during the suspension period and they were required to satisfy certain conditions before the sanctions could be lifted.

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DKM Diamond Microfinance met the conditions and the BOG lifted the sanctions and ordered them to reimburse their customers but that directive has yet to be adhered to, due to lack of funds.

The situation led to a series of violent agitations by customers of these ‘rogue’ pseudo-financial institutions, which resulted in the vandalisation of property belonging to the companies.

The spokesperson of the aggrieved Customers Aninganigu Anieba called President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to intervene.

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Aninganigu Anieba speaking Starr FM said he [CEO of the DKM Diamond Microfinance, Mr Martin Delle] "operated a company here by name Care for Humanity Fun Club International. He was able to mobilize a total of Ghc52, 610,329 this is the amount Martin took and signed documents with his wife and took away these monies."

"And when you ask him for the money he tells us the liquidator will pay, this is what they have been deceiving us with all the time and when we contacted the liquidator they told us that they were liquidating DKM as a micro-finance  and not as care for humanity  fun club and we were not part of it."

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Anieba said: "We think it is high time government intervened, the president gave us a promise  that when he is given the nod as president  he will try to investigate the matter and find out where the monies went to. So before government comes in we also conducted our investigations and we have been able to arrest the Manager, we arrested Botwe and now it’s left with Martin.

"This man is in Ghana and hiding, we have used all Police intervention and it’s not working and we think government must step in to arrest this particular individual who has cost a mess in Brong Ahafo region."

Akufo-Addo in the run up to the just ended 2016 presidential and parliamentary polls, pledged to reimburse the victims of the DKM scandal.

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"I’ll pay you back in full when I become president," he said during the party’s mini rally in the Brong Ahafo region.

"I will investigate government’s inability to pay the tier two pension monies as well as investigate the DKM scandal and to ensure that there would be total restoration to all affected in both scandals," Nana Addo added.