Ethics Committee report is lazy editor Godfred Akoto Boafo outlines why the Ethics Committee report on the match fixing case between Wa Africa United and Techiman City is lazy

I have been going over the Ethics Committee report on the case between Wa Africa United and Techiman City FC.As most footy fans are well aware the committee has ordered the demotion of both clubs as well as an expression of its displeasure at the conduct of the owner of Techiman City FC Micky Charles and his officials during the period of the hearing.

I wish I could applaud the decision but I cannot and I will explain. Based on the premise of the committee in their conclusions:

"Allegations of bribery and match-fixing have become pervasive in football matches in the country. As a result, matches lack competitive spirit which ultimately compromises the integrity of the results. Sadly, apart from producing unworthy Champions, the nation risks stagnation in the growth and advancement of the game"- I feel the orders but scratched the surface and left several of the parties involved off with a slap on the wrist.

My query begins with why the game was not filmed? The entire conduct of this bribery trial was based on the say so of the CEO of Wa Africa United, Nana Gyamerah Kwabena Yiakwan II and two of his officials. Reading through the entire report there is not a single line which provides evidence beyond reasonable doubt other than the word of these individuals whose credibility is questioned based on their alleged plot to fix a game in the first place.


Visual evidence of the game would have proved a truly neutral arbiter especially since the referee and the match commissioner according to the same report had also been compromised.Now consider these three points that emerged during the sitting.

9. The first half of the match was played competitively, according to the Team Manager and the Coach and this led to Techiman City FC players complain about why the WA Africa United FC players were playing the match so hard.

10. According to both the Team Manager and the Coach of Wa African United, during the second half of the match, the referee was attacked by a fan of the club after he allowed what they refer to as an “offside goal”. This they said led to the stoppage of the match and the match was called off. Soon after the rain followed.

11. However, the Team Manager of Wa African United alleged that he agreed with the Match Commissioner and the Referee that the match should be declared 1-0 in favor of Techiman City FC.

According to the key witnesses, the coach and team manager of Wa Africa United in an earlier statement, their participation the endeavor was reluctant and done solely based on the prodding of the owner. Yet point 10 and 11 show an almost unrestrained effort to ensure a result for Techiman City.


Was the attack of the referee by the alleged "fan" part of the ploy? Was this fan identified and brought before the committee? Why go through the extra effort of convincing the referee and the match commissioner to declare a winner? Think about it. Maybe you might find better answers than I do.

I don't have too much time so let me get to the rulings and why I find it unsatisfying based on the above mentioned premise. Match fixing is a canker that must be weeded out and even treated criminally.

Do you find it as shocking as me that there is not a single mention of the said referee and match commissioner who obviously participated in the alleged incident? Did they not deserve to be named, banned and more? Or their fate will be decided another day?

The Team Manager (Kofi Adams) and Coach (Yaw Baah Suleman) both of Wa African United FC and Yaw Adamu Acheampong (an official of Techiman City FC) are all banned for one year from all football related activities. The aforementioned individuals are employees of their CEO's and duly carried out instructions.

Why is there no punishment for Nana Gyamerah Kwabena Yiakwan II and Micky if they are guilty of such an abhorrent act? The punishments handed out pale in comparison to other verdicts of match fixing in other jurisdictions. Calciopoli anybody?


This verdict does nothing to clean up our game. It is almost a sham in my estimation and leaves too many holes in its verdict .With what the stakes are in our football perhaps next time a committee will do a more wholesome job than was exhibited by this one.Feel free to agree or disagree. Just make sure it is civil and based on some strong fact that we can both debate and not some emotional feeling you have or feel i should share.

Good night.


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