When fame transcends to folly: Wisa's version of Akoo Nana's insanity

The talk of town after the 2015 Citi FM’s Decemba2Rememba has been Wisa of ‘Ekiiki Me’ fame mindlessly showing his tiny manhood during his performance on stage.


It looks like the practise of publicly engaging in indecent act has engulfed a section of the populace and of course celebrities as well as one-time hit makers are not left out of this revolting canker.

More often than not, some of these people react to public backlashes on the basis that they are not anybody’s role model; they are living their lives [some Rihanna things].

The talk of town after the 2015 Citi FM’s Decemba2Rememba has been Wisa of ‘Ekiiki Me’ fame mindlessly showing his tiny manhood during his performance on stage. A totally uncalled-for display.

But wait a minute, was Wisa’s act a penis awareness act? It will be recalled that Akoo Nana during his performance at the 2014 Tigo Unplugged concert brought virtually topless dancers to the stage and after being ‘torn apart’ by some industry watchers, he explained that he was embarking on a breast cancer campaign. According to him, if organisers had allowed him continued with his performance, he would have paused at “a point to educate people on breast cancer. But the crowd was hyper and I wanted to get to the end of my performance to do that but I couldn’t finish the act.”


One other side, did Wisa rehearse his performance to the organisers? Did the organisers know the kind of songs the artiste was going to perform on the night? I don’t understand Ga but am reliably informed the lyrics of the song was exactly what was exhibited on stage; it was socially unacceptable. Perhaps, they should also take part of the blame though I commend Programmes manager for the station, Jessica Opare Saforo for condemning the act through her Twitter handle.

Funny enough, I have read commentaries that the artiste may have been carried away by the occasion and overwhelmed by it. Oh ye children enjoying little fame… where art thou managers?

How I wish I could figure out what might have ‘kikied’ you to demonstrate such an indecent act at a program well attended by a number of decent people. Now, everyone knows how it looks like and I’m sure all the girls who desire ‘big things’ and had had a crush on you before are singing ‘mujee baya’ and probably be singing ‘Dogo Yaro’ to Wanlov the Kuborlo.

Watching Wisa’s performance, I realised he sounded so immature. His stage performance was just boring. On countless of occasions, he went off, his breathe control was terrible; as for stage craft, the least said about it, the better. This is what he should be working towards than engaging in such a despicable act.

Well, the law is not silent on publicly and wilfully committing a grossly indecent act. This is not a matter of Chris Brown smoked but the police let him go. There are two things involved here [permit me to imitate Basket Mouth]. If he showed his manhood out of insanity, he should be at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital for treatment but if he is not a lunatic, “whoever publicly and wilfully commits any grossly indecent act is guilty of a misdemeanour,” reads Section 278 of Ghana’s Criminal Offences Act.


With that said and done, the event was really a Decemba2Rememba. Kudos to the organisers.


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