Guys, if you are searching for the right woman, look no further.

Girls from the schools listed below are undoubtedly very intelligent, beautiful and possess all qualities you want from your but you need to think outside the box before you approach them.

1. Wesley Girls High School

With old students such as Esther Cobbah, CEO of the biggest communications firm in Ghana and the current Chief Justice Her Ladyship Sophia Akuffo. It tells you the sort of ladies the school produces. A lot of guys seem to wonder what goes into training them in this famous institution.

2. Holy Child School

Most of the ladies from this school are intelligent and very articulate, these qualities they possess seem to even scare a lot of guys. Most guys lose their confidence when approaching 'Holico' girls and end up scoring 'own goals'.

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3. Achimota School

Though it's a mixed school,the ladies behave as if they are in Girls school and even give their colleague male students a tough time, how much more guys from other schools?

4. St Roses Senior High School

The ladies from St. Roses are very disciplined and usually expect high standards from men, which most guys don't cut.

5. Aburi Girls Senior High School

'Ahwene pa nkasa' as they are affectionately called. Ladies from 'Abugiss' are very sociable yet 'hard nuts to crack'.

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6. Yaa Asantewaa Girls' Senior High School

They are outgoing and love to hang out with friends but trust me, they are no 'pushovers'.

7. St. Louis Senior High School

They are calm and collected, a lot of people confuse it with they 'flexing' and therefore a lot of guys lose their guard when approaching them.

8. Mfantsiman Girls SHS

Ladies from Mfantsiman school are fun to hangout with but before you get the chance, you would have gone through hell.

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9. Archbishop porter girls

Arguaby the finest High School in the Western Region of Ghana, ladies of Porter Girls always standout and most guys do not have the courage to win them.

10. Ola girls' secondary school

You can't take away the Catholic school discipline from these ladies, their expectations are usually high and most guys are not able to meet it.