If your ex is doing any of these they want you back

Break ups are always tough regardless how it happened. But for those of you who are still wondering if you ex wants you back or not these are the answer to you questions

Source : Huffington Post

When i broke up with my first boyfriend even though it was not as painful as one would think, i used to spy on him just to get to know whether he wants me back or not. I was not going to get back to him anyway but i just needed that info to feel good abut myself.

To satisfy your curiosity i have compiled 10 ways to know your ex really wants you back.

1. If they are still liking your pictures and status update on social media they want you back.

2. Is he or she is checking on you every now and then just to find out how you are doing he/she wants you back.

3. If they never packed their things out of your house and keep using it as an excuse to come to your apartment they want you back.

4. Do they “randomly” show up wherever you are? They want you back.

5. If you find out from your friends they have been asking about you, they need you back.

6. Are they still flirting with you then you? Then you don't need an angel to tell you they want back in.

7. They express concerns about any new people you’re dating. That can be annoying but the logical explanation is that they want you back.

9. When you two  talk, they bring up the “good times.”  It;s clear they want you back.

10. They tell you they miss you a lot at every opportunity.

At this point you need to make a decision whether to get back together or not but if any one you have broken up with is doing any of the above, they miss you and they really need you back. A case of you never know what you have until it's gone.


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