Eight signs to prove you have terrible friends

Friendships are beautiful. They can also be ugly and life sucking if you are surrounded by terrible ones. Here is how to spot the bad ones


In this piece, we are going to learn about toxic friends or what we call fair whether friends. If your friends fall into any of these categories it is probably time to cut them.

They say things behind your back-If your friends cannot tell you the mean things but say it behind your back cut them when you find out.

They break plans with you all the time- Ones in a while plans made can be cancelled, but if your friend is constantly doing that about eight out of ten times, it is time to cut them loose.

They repeat your secrets- If it is a secret, it is a secret! If you hear your secret yo shared with a friend has been repeated somewhere it is time to call the friendship quits.

The joke is always at your expense- If you are the one at the centre of the joke all the time it is not friendship so end it.

Always bring you down- Friends are supposed to pick you up when you fall. When your friend is constantly bringing you down with his/her words. Commenting on your body features to suggest you are unattractive run from them.

They always leave you poorer and feeling used- You do not own a bank. Even if you do it does not mean you should be the one to pay all the time. If your friend is always forgetting his/her wallet, or just sit there waiting for you to pay for her/his order, they are not good friends, they are toxic.

They always steal your shine- If they are not happy for you when you achieve something, they are not supportive of you. If they downplay your success then they are jealous of you. Let them go.

Narcissistic bunch- Whenever you meet your friend and all she talks about is her, that is a problem right there. It is always about what she has, what he has done, and all about brags brags brags, that is major red flag.

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Disappear when you are in need- Those friends who are always around for the good times are dangerous. You know your friend is in a position to help you out of a fix but she deliberately refuses, then you don’t have a friend you have a demon and you need to cut them loose.

Life is too short to waste it on friends who are not friend but poison.


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