A 44-year-old former military man and now an unsworn police officer in Alabama, southeastern U.S has been arrested by the police for allegedly murdering his wife after discovering that she had been operating a pornography website on his blindside.

A neighbor discovered Kat West’s lifeless body on the way to work lying face down and the husband claimed she died as a result of ‘boozy accident’, but police think otherwise.

Police Chief Sean Lemley said his outfit has sufficient evidence to believe that Kat was murdered by William ‘Jeff’ West.

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He is quoted as saying: “We know exactly what happened that night. And we do have evidence to support that.”

According to Unilad.co.uk, Kat West was a stay-at-home wife, but was also a ‘skimpily clad online exhibitionist’.

She reportedly had a subscription-only website, twitter and Instagram accounts, all bearing the name, Kitty Kat West where she uploaded provocative photos of herself.

These accounts also reportedly directed people to a ‘paid adult website’ containing nude selfies.

Reports say eight hours prior to her death a CCTV camera captured Kat and her husband, William ‘Jeff’ West in a liquor store laughing happily.

However, police said: “unfortunately domestic [cases] turn bad very quickly. Anything can trigger them. You get into an argument, it can turn bad quickly.