The good old days are long gone when womanhood was so revered and envied by virtue of how special God, the creator in his own wisdom crafted women and the indispensable role they exist to play in order to enhance the beauty of the world.

In those days I refer to, it was considered extremely abominable for a woman to expose certain parts of her body. Women dressed decently to conceal their body parts that are deemed provocative and have the potential to incite men sexually. That undeniably was why issues of rape and other sexual scandals were hardly heard of in those days.

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However, now, in the name of civilization and globalization, decency and preservation of womanhood have been thrown to the dogs. The things that women wear in this generation make it difficult to figure out the difference between who is a genuine woman and a ‘professional’ prostitute.

As for their breasts and genitals, they have become integral part of the air we breathe and the sights we see every second; different sizes and shapes with specially rehearsed manner of movements to catch attention. You better shut up or you are branded as being out of touch with modern fashion.

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These days, a women’s attire is sewn with the sole aim of ensuring that it makes their breasts pop up and out  and the genitals well projected. What used to be scared and sought after, has now become almost a ‘useless’ commodity that is even being barter-traded for material things; sometimes with addendum.

What is even more sickening is the fact that, the Ghanaian woman’s naked body has so depreciated in value that, all it seems to be worth now is to be used to sell music videos. Music videos have become more erotic than pornography.

Naked succulent young women display sex positions and styles; gyrating their waists all in the name of dancing, while ironically, their male counterparts are rather dressed decently.

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I hope I am not the only one noticing this trend; it seems either womanhood has lost its value completely or as a society, we have accepted nudism as a norm so much that musicians are left with no option but to produce pornography and sell to us as music.

If assuming the latter is true, why do men in music videos dress decently? Is it that their nakedness is not attractive enough to sell music? Why are women the only ones twisting and turning their waists and flaunting their intentionally projected breasts and genitals in a rehearsed erotic manner, while the men are decent?

This is not to incite the men to jump onto the bandwagon of nakedness.

The most sickening situation is the deafening silence of the older generation, clergy and traditional authorities. Some churches countenance some of these things and now some gospel musicians are also joining the fray. Some of their videos are not in any way different from the sexual displays we see in the circular ones.

Who is responsible for checking artistic works before they are allowed to be made public? Is there any regulation at all? If the white elephant called the Cinematography Board is the body responsible for ensuring sanity in the entertainment industry, then what are we waiting for to either dissolve and replace it with a more vibrant entity or strengthen and equip it sufficiently to proactively redeem our already perforated society before it is completely torn beyond repair?

I know this feature will make complete nonsense in some jurisdictions because of their culture. That is why I limited it to Ghana. No wonder in some of those countries whose way of life we are copying blindly, women have been advocating for freedom to walk in public bare-chested, just like their men counterparts.

Where are the Queen mothers of this land when their private parts are openly displayed as surplus commodity? If care is not taken we will continue to understand and accept nudism negligently until it becomes acceptable for Queen mothers to walk in public bare-chested in miniskirts or skimpy dresses.

I thought I learnt there are laws in this country that frown on indecent exposure, for which reason Eugine Ashie a.k.a Wisa is facing trial?

If his  alleged exposure of  penis on stage, while performing is the only act our laws recognise as indecent exposure, but exposure of vagina in a similar fashion is not indecent, then the laws themselves need more help than we the people whose conducts they were enacted to regulate.

The future of our children and the next generations is really bleak, especially as the young ones are fast copying this madness we call modernisation. As for the family system and its breakdown, the least said about it the better.