Some children of school going age who claimed to have migrated from the Central region have made the East Legon-Madina street their home.

The children whose ages range between 8 and 10 years are seen on daily basis close to the traffic lights begging for alms.

On Monday, November 6, 2017, at about 8:30 in the morning when other children of their ages were busy either in classes or hurrying to school, these children who claim to have come from Bawjiase in the Central Region were playing cards in front of a shop along the streets where they had spent the last night.

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While some were playing the cards, others were still sleeping covered with some dirty and tattered clothes that served as their mosquito nets overnight.

The issue of street children is one of the major problems some analysts say successive governments have not done enough to address holistically.

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Recently, Child Rights International has called for regulation of child birth in Ghana as one of the ways to resolve streetism and its related begging.

The NGO's reason was that people give birth uncontrollably to children they are not in a position to cater for sufficiently.

However, others also believe that factors such as poverty, lack of parental control and others that force children to migrate to the cities must be tackled.