What Neymar’s $260 million transfer money could do for any tech freak

Tech is quite expensive but Neymar's transfer money just opened a whole world of different expensive.

What Neymar’s $260 million transfer money could do for any tech freak

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior completed his transfer move from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain for a record transfer deal that just blew every transfer ever made in football into the waters.

222 million euros, 200 million pounds or 263 million US dollars is no cheap money for a football superstar.

For tech freaks, this is a huge amount of money that could do unthinkable things.

Here is what Neymar’s transfer fee could do for tech geeks around the world.

Pay for Caltech attendance for 4,046  years

Learning technology and engineering is probably a hobby for any tech geek. And so is gaining formal training on tech issues when it comes to higher education.

Times Higher Education rated the best technology schools and the California Institute of Technology popularly known as Caltech came up top.

The cost of attending Caltech for a year is approximately $65, 000. Neymar’s money can enroll a student for 4,046 years. Lol, right?

The same amount can take care of 1,011 tech students for the entire stay at an undergraduate level.

Three trips with SpaceX for a tour on the moon

SpaceX and its CEO Elon Musk are on a mission to make tourism in space a thing. Musk has even disclosed two tourists have already made a deposit for their round tourist trip around the moon with SpaceX.

A trip to space cost an estimated $80 million.

If you ever want to tour the moon with SpaceX (which tech freak wouldn’t?), Neymar’s transfer money could give you three round trips for a tour in space with change.

Buy 3,250 Tesla Model X 75D electric cars

The current model for Tesla’s all-electric SUV, Model X costs an estimated $80, 000. If you’ve ever wanted to own one of technology’s most advanced cars, Neymar’s money could let you buy 3,250 cars. Well, that’s a huge number of cars.

Two of Donald Trump’s Boeing 757

The president of the United States of America has one of the most expensive private jets in the world. Trump’s jet has gold plated seat buckles with the sinks and faucets in the bathroom also made of gold.

If you love your tech plus luxury, two of Trump’s Boeing 757 could be purchased with Neymar’s transfer fee with a whopping $60 million remaining for other stuff $60 million dollars can do. That should be a lot of stuff.

Buy 32 Dinosaur Bone-Infused iPad

Apple gadgets have always been among the top priced ones in the world. But what do you do when you have millions of dollars to splash?

Get yourself the $8 million Dinosaur Bone-Infused iPad.

With Neymar’s transfer cash, one could buy 32 of those gadgets and still have change

Buy 20 of the most expensive smartphone

This is not the iPhone 7. Or the iPhone 8/X yet to be released. Not any of the many phones Samsung have produced over the years.

It is the iPhone 5 Black Diamond which costs an estimated $13 million. The phone is made of solid gold and has more than 650 diamonds including a 26-carat black diamond.

Neymar’s transfer money is getting you 20 of the most expensive smartphone.

An impeccable gaming experience on the moon

Samsung’s 201-inch 4K TV costs $655, 000. Game consoles don’t cost much. Just book a trip for two to the moon and play some EA Sports FIFA there. No one’s gonna beat that for a really long time.

But hey, you’re no superstar and not getting Neymar’s kind of transfer money anytime soon.

Even if you did, things will probably escalate quickly. You tech startup, remember?


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