Enjoying a

Though often times, such a ‘privilege’ is entirely not in the hands of the passenger, there are some steps one can take to make sure he/she enjoys a bumpy-free ride on a long route like Accra to Kumasi.

  • Dress comfortably

Traveling from Accra to Kumasi or the vice versa is a long journey approximately between 4 to 6 hours depending on the time of the bus sets off. Dress down stylishly and don’t forget to take an extra jacket if you are traveling overnight.

  • Choose your seat wisely

For comfortability and safety, choose a window seat so that you can easily prop your pillow against the window. For your peace of mind, buy tickets for two to avoid sitting next to a noisy person.

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  • Eat right

There is only one rest stop during the long trip and I bet you don’t want anything to disturb your sleep. Avoid drinking a lot of fluids before your trip. You should also stay clear of salty snacks as these encourage thirst.

  • Get the right sleeping mask

Shop for the right sleeping mask to block out any light that might reflect in your eye when you’re drifting off. Buy a black mask, with a soft lining and raised edges to create a truly dark interior.

  • Put in plugs

Get the right earplugs to the block constant noise of the bus engine, phone calls, and other unpleasant noise.  It’s better to try it at home before your trip.

  • Take your own pillow

Although, you are sleep sitting up, don’t forget to take a pillow.

  • Read something to calm your nerves

Old habits die hard. Instead of liking and commenting on friends’ social media post, read a book or new article or meditate for 30-minutes to calm your nerves before the long haul.

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  • Keep your valuable possessions safe

Pack half your valuables in a small bag, hook a strap of your bag around your ankle and keep it under your seat. Store the remaining in the luggage compartment for all travelers.