A young man’s quest to wish his mother a happy birthday turned into an English class test when his birthday message was rejected by the mother about two times.

Initially, her mother’s dissatisfaction about the son’s birthday message was that it was too simple and skeletal.

She expressed her utmost disappointment and asked the young man to rewrite the message and flesh it up with endearing words that would make her feel special on her birthday.

Apparently, the guy’s sisters had already poured out their sugarcoated words to their mum as though they were writing love letters to their boyfriends, so the old lady was using theirs as a yardstick to measure his son’s.

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Again, when the young man rewrote the message in as refreshing manner as the mother had desired, she still raised an issue about punctuation for which reason the son had to rewrite again.

She only accepted the son’s birthday wish after the grammatical error had been corrected.

See the conversation between the two below as shared by one of the young man's sisters: