6 Viral sensations that brought Ghana to a standstill in 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, let's take a dive into the viral sensations that captivated the internet throughout the year. From people tripping at funerals to letters causing confusion nationwide, another affirmation that the internet is a talent finder and the news breaker.

Viral Sensations of 2023

Here's a look for six viral sensations of 2023

A touching tribute turned into an internet sensation when a female sympathizer took an unexpected dive at the burial of late Reverend Father Bernard Kofi Ackon. A viral clip captured her falling face-flat on a coffin inside a grave pit, accompanied by a scream of "eiii Father Bernard.".

Days later, TikTok exploded with humorous renditions, turning the incident into a meme. The phrase "eiii Father Bernard" is now a popular background sound for videos of people tripping or falling.


Ghanaians were left puzzled by cryptic letter combinations, including WKHKYD and WBHBYD, dominating social media, especially X formerly Twitter. These mysterious phrases originated from a viral video by Ghanaian TikToker Star Gee. Abbreviated from the questions "wo ko ho ko y3 d3n" and "wo ba ha b3 y3 d3n," meaning "what did you go there to do" and "what did you come here to do," these abbreviations became a trend, sparking confusion and amusement.

With many using the letters while texting and using it to form the actual words or sentences.


The song "Cobra" dropped early in the year but gained explosive popularity on TikTok in September. Despite its serious message about deception, the song became a viral sensation, attracting big-name celebrities like Shatta Wale. "Cobra" transformed into a rollercoaster of joy and laughter, resonating with listeners through its catchy beats and humorous lyrics.

Tensions flared in Cape Coast as Kennedy Agyapong, Member of Parliament for Assin Central, introduced the word "Showdown." Initially a term of destruction, it later evolved into a symbol of confidence and victory. Adopted by Agyapong and the media, "Showdown" became the lead word for his political campaigns, complete with the Showdown walk and showdown concert. Ratty Ghana even created a song inspired by the word, further amplifying its impact.


Raja and his troupe of market women are putting smiles on shoppers and social media.

Ernest Raja Nettey, known as Official Starter on social media, is a Ghanaian Youtuber and choreographer famous for his dancing video with market traders.

2023 was a great year for them after gaining a lot of recognition from fans this year.


The group went viral after they joined Burna Boy's #CityBoy challenge, which gained recognition and appreciation from Burna Boy, putting up a board in their name. It's been a lot highs after that, with many artists dancing with them and sharing their contents.

The "Phone Ceiling" challenge emerged as one of the latest viral trends in 2023. Participants film themselves from a bird's-eye view, sticking their phones to the ceiling using tape and showcasing creative expressions. Originating from a TikTok clip by user michaelfirshort, the challenge quickly gained momentum with diverse activities, from twerking to singing and even performing crochet crafts. The trend has captivated thousands, offering a unique perspective on self-expression.

These viral sensations will always be remembered for how they made Ghanaians feel and an opportunity to excel with the spotlight

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