10 Ghanaian Radio and TV Presenters with potential to become impactful MPs

In Ghana, where vibrant discussions on radio and television shape public opinion, some personalities have emerged not just as entertainers or informants but as potential leaders in their own right.

Bernard Avle

This article shines a light on ten Ghanaian radio and TV presenters who, with their command over the airwaves, insightful perspectives, and deep connections with the public, are seen as individuals who could transition into effective Members of Parliament (MPs). In other words, here are 10 Potential MPs from the Airwaves

1.Bernard Avle

Host of the Citi Breakfast Show, Bernard has become a household name in Ghanaian journalism. Known for his sharp analysis and probing questions, he can dissect complex issues, making them accessible to the general public.


His advocacy for good governance and economic development positions him as a potential policymaker who could effectively articulate the needs of his constituents.

2.Nana Aba Anamoah

A figure synonymous with integrity and boldness in Ghanaian journalism, Nana Aba's journey from news anchor to general manager of GHOne TV showcases her leadership skills and dedication to social issues. Her vocal stance on education, gender equality, and youth empowerment are testaments to her potential as an impactful MP.

3.Manasseh Azure Awuni


Known for his investigative journalism, Manasseh has exposed corruption and championed transparency through his work. His dedication to truth and accountability could translate into legislative success, where these qualities are sorely needed.

4.Abeiku Santana

A celebrated radio host and tourism ambassador, Abeiku's influence extends beyond the airwaves into social development, particularly in tourism and culture. His understanding of Ghana's socio-economic landscape and his ability to mobilize people could be invaluable in Parliament.


5.Afia Pokua aka Vim Lady

With a career that spans across several media houses, Afia Pokua has established herself as a fierce advocate for social justice and women's rights. Her direct approach and commitment to truth could serve well in a parliamentary role, advocating for laws that protect and empower the marginalized.

6.Kwami Sefa Kayi


Chairing one of the most influential morning shows in Ghana, Kwami has earned respect for his balanced approach and ability to facilitate meaningful dialogue. His long-standing credibility and deep understanding of national issues make him an ideal candidate for legislative leadership.

7.Shirley Tibilla aka Cookie Tee

As a rising star in both radio and television, Shirley Tibilla has shown a keen interest in youth and gender issues, using her platform to highlight and address these critical areas. Her charisma, empathy, and ability to engage with a diverse audience could translate into effective representation in Parliament.

8.Jessica Opare Saforo


As a co-host of the Citi Breakfast Show and the voice behind many impactful programs on Citi FM and Citi TV, Jessica has earned a reputation for her insightful discussions on social issues, health, and personal development.

Her ability to connect with and influence a broad audience, combined with her advocacy for mental health and wellness, positions her as a strong candidate for public office.

Jessica's empathetic communication style and focus on constructive societal change could make her an effective MP, advocating for policies that improve the well-being of Ghanaians.

9.Kojo Yankson


Morning show host on Joy FM, Kojo is known for his analytical approach to current affairs and his capacity to engage with complex issues in a manner that resonates with the general public. His background in law and journalism provides him with a solid foundation to understand and navigate the intricacies of governance and policy-making.

Kojo's dedication to fostering informed public discourse and his commitment to accountability and transparency could serve well in a parliamentary role, where these values are crucial.

10.Lexis Bill


Host of the Drive Time show on Joy FM, Lexis Bill has made a name for himself not just in radio but also as a television presenter and a fitness enthusiast. His diverse interests and ability to connect with people on various levels, from health and fitness to entertainment and personal development, demonstrate a versatile personality that could bring fresh energy and innovative ideas to Parliament.

His advocacy for healthy living and his influence among the youth could help drive legislative initiatives focused on public health and youth engagement.

The transition from media to politics is not without precedent, and for these seven radio and TV personalities, it's a path that could lead to significant contributions in Ghana's legislative assembly.

Their skills in communication, combined with a genuine passion for national development and social justice, lay a strong foundation for potential political careers. As Ghana continues to evolve, the voices that have long shaped public discourse could very well become the ones shaping the laws of the land.


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