Appearing on actor Kwaku Manu's Aggressive Interviews show on Youtube, Coded said, “I don’t see the reason why an old musician will try and compete with the young ones when they have enjoyed their time in the past".

He added that "A musician must know that they cannot stay on top forever. For instance, why would 4X4 try and compete with the likes of Medikal, KiDi or Sarkodie when we have enjoyed our time in the past."

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According to the musician born Russell Edem Avornyo, he sees it as a bother trying to fit into the system when you are no longer relevant. “I see this as troubling your mind when you know the fans you had before may not be interested in what you do now,” he said.

Speaking about the life of musicians whose careers isn’t at its peak like it use to be, he stated that “Almost all the old musicians are paid nothing when they go out to support other musicians who have their concerts. They just want to tell the fans they are still there.

4X4 - left to right [Fresh Prince, Captain Planet, Coded]
4X4 - left to right [Fresh Prince, Captain Planet, Coded]

Coded also addressed rumours of 4x4 breaking apart. He said “we actually sat down and decided what we want to do with the group and we decided each should embark on a solo project. It was not money or our wives who caused the separation. It was a decision by the 4x4 group we formed 17 years ago”.