God made me uncomfortable at GHOne - 5 career lessons from Berla Mundi's speech

Ghanaian media personality, Berla Mundi, has shed light on her departure from her former workplace, EIB Network, revealing the emotional journey behind her decision.

Media Personality Berla Mundi

On August 15, 2019, the ace media personality announced her resignation from EIB Network. Her resignation left Ghanaians curious as to why she left the media house that had given her much training and opportunities in the industry.

However, years after her exit, Berla in a viral video, has explained that it was a tough decision to leave GHOne.

Berla said she was scared to lose the bond that existed between her and the media house when she initially thought of resigning.


Berla Mundi said although she could not afford to satisfy her needs during her stay at GHOne, she was afraid to take the next step because she thought she owed the company some loyalty.

According to her, she made the final call to leave when she realized she was losing herself at GHOne. She eventually moved to TV3 after she was told her position was still vacant.

We listened to Berla's story and we have followed her journey and have listed out some essential lessons we learnt from her experience.

Here are five essential lessons we can glean from her experience:


1.God will make you uncomfortable

Berla's experience underscores the complexities of navigating professional relationships. She shared how interpersonal challenges, such as backbiting and accusations, contributed to her decision to seek new opportunities elsewhere.

"While I was in GHOne, things took a turn. The backbiting started; there were a lot of accusations here and there, and there were people who were treating me like I didn’t matter, and I just didn’t understand what it meant. It was just God making things uncomfortable for me. I just told my manager, Let’s see if there’s still space for me at TV3, and there was space for me. They reserved that space for me, and I was willing to leave because, at that time, I didn’t see myself growing at that point. I was so depressed,” she explained.

2.Improve on yourself


Ultimately, Berla's journey highlights the importance of embracing change and prioritizing personal growth. By moving to TV3, she found a new environment that offered her the space to flourish professionally and regain her sense of purpose.

3.Be realistic with your goals

Berla's departure from GHOne demonstrates the importance of recognizing when you've outgrown a role or environment. Despite her loyalty to the company, she realized that staying stagnant was hindering her growth.

"Before I moved, I needed to ask myself what really is my goal, sometimes you don't have a plan, God has a plan for you, but at the same time you also have to have an idea about what you want to achieve in the next five years. TV3 was not on my radar at all because they were not doing well at that time, I thought that right after GHone I am out of this country, I am going to CNN, BBC and everyone plants things in your head, so now I sit down and I ask myself if BBC asked me to come give world news will I know what it is".


4.Great things take time

Berla's journey shows us how patience is required in navigating career transitions. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, she remained steadfast in her pursuit of growth and waited for the right opportunity to emerge.

"Here I am 4 to 5 years later and I don't regret it, I was pushed out by God , sometimes you might think people are making you uncomfortable in the space you are in, but it's not the people, it's God working in those people. So don't waste your time hating those people, because if you don't heed to that call and move out, and you won't grow".

5.Pick yourself up and Be ready for any opportunity


Berla's resilience in the face of adversity serves as a testament to the importance of perseverance and readiness for change. By maintaining a positive attitude and staying open to new possibilities, she was able to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities for advancement.

"Whenever I made a mistake on the show, I went back to read about it and maybe that way I can do better the next time, but I had a goal to become one of the leading women who interacted with politicians in the country but it had to take a lot of knocking down because my edge were rough".


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