The female musician has been in the spotlight since joining RuffTown Records following the death of Ebony Reigns, one of the record label’s most successful musician.

Wendy has, however, pulled through to focus on her music.

Wendy Shay Wendy Shay

The musician is in the news again having gone viral for leaving an interview due to being asked what she deems a ‘dumb question’.

A reporter asked Wendy Shay who she is as Wendy Shay, a question that did not go down well with ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker. Watch the video below:

With social media helping spread news like fire, Wendy Shay’s interview has made its way to a lot of people. People who think they could’ve answered the question for the female musician.

Here are 9 Ghanaians who think they have the perfect answer to ‘Who are your as Wendy Shay?’