Bob, has at countless times warned fans not to address her as a man because he has switched her gender from being a man to a beautiful woman.

Bob Risky Bob Risky

However, many wonder if the transformation was only done by him assuming a female personality and wearing girl’s clothes, with Bob still carrying a male genital.

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The Nigerian Barbie doll, for a long time, has remained silent on that topic though she has been vocal about surgeries to enhance her buttocks to be more rounded and protruding like a girl’s own.

Bob Risky buying a pad Bob Risky buying a pad

At some point, Bob Risky has even been spotted buying a sanitary pad and also reveals she uses the ladies washroom at public places to avoid any embarrassment.

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Now, in a new revelation, Bob Risky, has finally disclosed that he has cut off her penis because she doesn’t need it. Her comments came after a fan popped the question about the whereabouts of her genitals.

Replying the question on Instagram, she wrote “Okay, let me help you all, those of you asking where is my (manhood) I don cut am since. What would a fine girl like me be doing with a gbola. I hope I have answered all your questions.” and later added that it was slightly painful. 

See a screenshot below and tell us what you think.

Bob chopped off his penis Bob chopped off his penis
Bob Risky before and now Bob Risky before and now