Satirist, Kwaku Sintim Misa (KSM) has admitted that he missed out for a second time at his “Dead Goat Wahala” show held on Christmas day.

His first time was when he staged “Confession of GH Men”, KSM has disclosed.

KSM noted that even though he was fully prepared for the show, most of the audience were exhausted at the time he got on stage.

“The last big one for me was ‘Secret of GH Girls’ and I tried doing the men’s version which was called ‘Confession of GH Men’ which didn’t fly… I guess the rapidity of the laugh [is the reason why I said I missed out]. If you watch some of the area shows, it was like laugh a minute… It all depends on how much captivating you have on the audience,” he said on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz on Tuesday.

“I didn’t come with that intention [to miss out] at all. I was fully prepared except that on stage, you realise that things do not fall in place as envisioned,” he added.

Asked if old age was affecting his performances, KSM who turns sixty (60) this year responded in the negative.

“Not at all… the key thing preparation. And if you prepare to the level that the execution is flawless, it’s a hit; but if it doesn’t hit that much…” he indicated.

KSM was of the view that his open declaration that he missed out for the second time will not affect his next show. According to him, some patrons disagree with his “missed out” assertion.

“Even with this, there were people who said they enjoyed it. It wasn’t like it was a flop. It’s just that I wanted to do a show loaded with more of laughter… People honestly told me they thought my beginning dragged a bit and since the show was about me, I could have made the opening act thirty minutes instead of an hour. I don’t think in any way that I have jeopardised my next show at all,” he said.