Live FM presenter,

In a statement posted on his official Facebook page today, March 1, the on-air personality stated that his comments on Abraham Attah's appearance at the prestigious Oscars were misquoted by the media but still apologise.

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Foley wrote (unscripted);

"Woke up this morning to 1000's of messages condemning me on about article about me mocking Abraham Attah

Why would I do such a thing. One I thing I stand for from persons close to me is inspiring people to be achievers.

This is what my entire life, built upon 2131 is about.

Engaging my personal telephone number to over 50 whatsapp group made of tertiary institutions, committed daily to empowering young minds into achieving more than they are destined to become. And I'm sure this vibrant organisation can attest to this.

I am selfless and always willing to help young people.

Recently, designed a special radio package on the LIVE BREAKFAST CLUB on LIVE FM called the LIVE BUSINESS START-UP.

Specially designed to promote people who are into all kinds of businesses but do not have the means to push their products.

Tune into this every Friday at 7 10am on live fm and you'd get clearer picture. That's not all.. We have GET THE JOB which has been designed to provide job opportunities for many out there.

I love adore cherish young people who push beyond limits and those who do not have the courage to...

Why would I in heavens name "hate, envy," Abraham Attah?

But one thing I learnt in life, in as much as I may have the clearest intentions about my actions, never to hate ABRAHAM, I probably may have been misquoted and misread by friends and fans out there..

Sorry.... I apologise."

On Monday, Feb. 29, radio personalities Lexis Bills, MzGee and Jay Foley reportedly mocked the Ghanaian/international movie star for making errors and fumbling at the Oscars during his presentation.

This got Ghanaians angry and heaped insults on the presenters which forced Jay Foley to come out publicly to deny and subsequently apologise for any vexation his comments caused.

Lexis Bills and MzGee are yet to come out to speak on the issue.