He told Kofi TV in an interview on Monday, October 12, that he was shocked when he saw some reverend and powerful preachers and men of God in Ghana secure kitchen stools in heaven instead of golden ones.

He claims God revealed this to him when he entered the spiritual realm during 60-day fasting.

The pastor, who is the Head of End Time Church of Bling, said he decided to embark on the fasting journey when his church members were facing hardships and during the period God revealed to him who will make heaven.

“I embarked on 60-day fasting when my church members were facing hardships and on the 52nd day, I saw that Afia Schwarzenegger, Akuapem Poloo and Safina Haroun had secured golden stools in heaven while some top pastors had kitchen stools,” the Head Pastor of End Time Church of Bling told Kofi Adoma.

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He continued that he saw some of the pastors eating in heaven while flies were all over their food.

On his viral video, he told Kofi Adoma that the scenes are part of a series he produces for Home Base TV and he is doing this to expose the tricks of some fake pastors in Ghana.

He said people should disregard the negative comments about the trending video and focus on the message it is delivering. He said God is using him to save Ghanaians from fake Christianity.

He further stated that he never saw the nakedness of the ladies in the video because they put on ‘tight jeans’, adding that anyone who has evidence that they were naked should come forward.

“Everything in the video is acting. The ladies in the video wore tight jeans that covered their private parts. I dare anyone who can confirm that the ladies were naked,” he added.

Watch the interview below.