TV host AfiaSchwarzenegger apparently did not feel happy about a publication by Razznewspaper in relation to how celebrities were being exposed by bloggers and the provocative TV host took to Facebook to slam the newspaper.

The front page of the newspaper had her picture attached to the headline which read “Celebrities being “Exposed” by Bloggers/Websites.

The “kokooko” host warned the newspaper to stay away from her and never publish anything about her.

“I forbid this useless newspaper to write anything about are slaves of some cheap blogger and please stay away from me. stop making money of my name it won't feed you and your hungry blogger friend”, she wrote.

She added that “If you want to discuss anything please discuss yourself and your "small member"..... hehehe I guess I have sounded clear.”

Answering a fans question on why she was attacking her colleague, the controversial host answered “And so??? He should spread lies to feed his family right?”