Agya Koo funded his mansion with NPP money, we actors can't build this house - Oboy Siki

Kumawood actor Oboy Siki is alleging that Agya Koo's luxurious-looking mansion has been funded from money the actor got from endorsing the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Kumawood actor Oboy Siki aka Boys Boys

Speaking in an interview with Poleeno Multimedia, the Kumawood actor argued that Agya Koo has been facing difficulties in the movie industry, hence, there's no way out he could have financed his mansion from acting.

Oboy Siki claims that Agya Koo's endorsement deal with the NPP provided him with a substantial amount of money, which he used to raise the plush mansion.

Agya was sidelined in the movie industry, so things weren’t going well for him, so in 2016, he went to do an endorsement for NPP, and that is where he got enough money. So, I want to explain to Ghanaians that, for us, the movie actors, if we can build, our money cannot build a proper house.


So, all those who have built in Accra with these big mansions are not funds from the movie industry, so if anybody says so, that is a very big lie. The NPP money helped Agya to fund his building …with my knowledge and the things I know, that money was used for the building,” he said.

According to Oboy Siki, Agya Koo in 2020 engaged in another endorsement deal with the NPP in Cape Coast which also came with a significant sum of money.

However, Oboy Siki admits that Agya Koo started his mansion with money from his movie career but later completed using political funds.

In 2020, he went to do another endorsement for NPP in Cape Coast and took a lot of money, per my knowledge, because those times I was following politics, I know the inside and outside of politics, but I haven’t involved myself.

“The truth is that for that building, he started with his own money, but the finishing was done with political money. I am telling you the truth, and even the last time I told him to his face that I would tell the public about it, so in case he hears, he shouldn’t be surprised. Lastly, he has also gone to endorse Kennedy, and he is going to take another big money," he said.


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