'Are these fools above the law' - Aisha Modi calls on IGP to also arrest Afia Schwarzenegger

Aisha Modi is calling out on the new IGP to apply the laws fairly following the arrest of Owusu Bempah.

Ayisha Modi and Afia Schwarzenegger

According to Aisha, Afia Schwarzenegger recently stormed a police station, filmed inmates and shared it online but she is walking free. "Ghana police service should treat all cases fairly and not be hypocrites. The new IGP must not treat some cases with kid gloves because no one in this country is above the law," she said...

"We were in this country when filthy braggart who claimed to be a landlady in east Legon blackmailed the former president. We were here when fake Agradaa sent his boys to beat one young guy. We were in this country when fufu fonu borla bird went to a police cell to film inmates", she added and asked "what happened to them? What happened to their cases? Are these fools above the laws of the country?"

In an Instagram post, she emphasized that "if the IGP want us to trust in the police service, then he should open these cases up. He should arrest some of these fools and investigate their cases. If not, then Rev. Owusu Bempah’s arrest is a set up. My opinion. So keep ur own opinion in ur pocket or bank account. These fools committed the worse crimes yet are walking freely so is Owusu Bempah’s case different?"

According to Aisha, "we should not be hypocrites in this country. Agradaa has done worse than someone just walking to her house with his boys. She’s a criminal and she admitted it. What is happening to her case?"

On the hand, Afia Schwarzenegger has been mocking the man of God over his arrest. After the arrest, a video of him preaching in church about how to get away with certain crimes in Ghana surfaced.

In the video, he said with the power of money and network, when anyone is even found guilty of any crime, the state securities can ignore the person if the person has been wise enough to have been giving them money.

Afia Schwarzenegger posted the video above with a caption that says "Okay oooo...The money is talking, IGP is working... We are fixing the country.. This is a clear case of Where's my police connection...massa your oga also get OGA".

"Shut up n sit dooooownnnn!!!!!..this indeed is the final Sermon," she concluded and decided to use the audio from the video to create the TikTok video below.


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