Bongo Ideas attracts cyberbullying backlash again over comment on Gary Al-Smith's suit

Albert Nat Hyde, the blogger known on Twitter as Bongo Ideas over his brouhaha with Nana Aba Anamoah has dragged himself into a new cyberbullying controversy.

Bongo Ideas attracts cyberbullying backlash again over comment on Gary Al-Smith's suit

Joy FM's Gary Al-Smith posted photos of him in a suit from the Ballon D'or ceremony and Bongo Ideas decided to comment on his outfit. He wrote "Opinion: the suit could have been worn better. Not a bad one btw".

The comment has left many users on the bird app outraged with concerns that his tweet is not different from what he apologized for after his brouhaha with Nana Aba at the Next TV Star auditions.

Albert after his apology promised to be an ambassador against cyberbullying. He met with Bola Ray and Nana Aba with reports that he will be working with EIB on cyberbullying campaign. However, he later pulled out from the engagement for personal reasons.

Garry in response to Albert's tweet wrote "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you your 'reformed' Say No To Cyber-Bullying Ambassador. @thenanaaba, @Bridget_Otoo & @Serwaa_Amihere, your boy needs serious help. I wish him well".

A Twitter user, @_k_wasi also said "Bro! This be my humble opinion too. You no sure say this your thing e be spiritual? More times e fit be generational curse oo. You e do a biz your family den check if as them young dem no do any bro something wey the person lay bad vibes for demma generations top. Consider this".

Regardless, Albert has been defending his comment. "I’M NOT A CYBER BULLY ... Journalists criticize everything but themselves. They give out second opinion but hate one. They find fault with everything and anything but themselves. Society, in general, hates the opinionated. They abhor consenting views. And you still expect better?".

On the other side, tweeps have also been persistently dragging him but he responded that "Serve your slices of advice on y’all dinner table and eat to become better. I'm not gonna kowtow to your bogus whims and caprices so far as I know I do not personally attack, denigrate or berate anyone. Henceforth, I’m not gonna condone personal attacks and vendettas".

In another tweet, he said "y’all ain’t qualified to lecture me on 21st Century Social Media etiquette. Meanwhile, apart from sexual, mundane and off content, you got nothing sensible to tweet. Chasing clout here and there & bootlicking to survive I’m gonna remain straightforward, blunt and plain fr".

Check the tweets below for more of what Twitter users have been saying about Bongo Ideas.


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