Busta Rhymes (real name Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr.) escaped jail last August after been arrested on charges of second degree assault for allegedly attacking an employee at his New York City gym with a bottle. Now, there's video that shows exactly what happened that day!

The 'Make It Clap' rapper was detained but has since struck a plea deal with the prosecutor assuring he won't be locked up any time soon. However, the surveillance footage from that incident landed online on November 18.

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Although there’s no sound, it’s pretty obvious what happened between both parties that day. Busta and the mysterious employee in question were discussing something contentiously, tempers flared, insults were probably exchanged, the employee reached for something under the desk that enraged Busta even more, then things got physical.

Busta could be seen throwing a bottle of Muscle Milk at the guy with all his might… Of course the rapper was arrested but left on bail that same day.

Take a look below: