The callers phoned the Ghanaian broadcaster claiming they made a wrong transaction to her phone and demanded she sends the money back to them. However, Nana Aba identified their request as a fraudulent one and upon confrontation and probing, their conversation turned friendly and they admitted to being fraudsters who live in Nima.

During the conversation which also turned out to be hilarious, the GH One TV presenter freely schooled her caller on the phonetics of pronouncing his name, which he mentioned as “Justice”. The broadcaster also seized the moment to sensitize the group of boys, who were behind the call, about the coronavirus pandemic.

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You and your friends around you, telling what to say are all thieves, you want to outsmart me to send you money, now there’s coronavirus, you guys won’t change your behaviour but are still stealing” the caller in reply calmed down to have a conversation with Nana Aba which also turned into an interview, as the boys disclose why they are into scamming.

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