It's no breaking news that R&B singer, Ciara and her partner Russell Wilson, are head over heels in love with each other.

Ciara in a recent interview at the VMAs may have accidentally given a hint of her upcoming nuptials to Wilson.

Speaking to her interviewer she said, “My love, Russell, is pretty awesome.”

“You guys are really two of the nicest people,” the reporter replied. “I’m so glad you found each other.”

“Yay! Me too,” Ciara replied.

“Invite me to the wedding,” the reporter said.

“Oh yeah, of course!” Ciara said. “I gotta have this pretty lady there. We gotta dance.”

When the singer realised that she had given out an important information she quickly retracted her statement saying “Oh my gosh, what am I talking about? I’m like ‘of course.” Wait, put it in the universe that it happens, sorry.”

When the reporter kept pressing the singer for an exclusive, Ciara simply laughed it off.

“So funny!” she said. “I’m just talking.”