George Lutterodt during an interview on Accra FM opined that 'barren' is not insult but a reminder. According to him, there is nothing wrong with anyone writing that "you are ugly go and have a child" and he has an explanation to his statement.

During the interview with Nana Romeo, he detailed that " I haven't said Selly Galley is ugly, she is beautiful to me, that's my comment so why do you accept my comment that she is beautiful and somebody else comments is that you are ugly".

He continued that "someone says you are ugly, when you look in a mirror, are you ugly or beautiful?" and added that "God created both beautiful and ugly people" so everyone can not be beautiful.

Selly Galley curses fan who called her barren
Selly Galley curses fan who called her barren

Speaking on the comment of the infamous Instagram user, Nana Yaa Henewaa Piesie, George Lutterodt told Nana Romeo the host of the show that " if someone says you are barren, it's not an insult, it's a reminder".

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He explained " it's not an insult because when you are married you expected to have children" he added that Selly shouldn't have cursed the fan but rather tell her that " if someone says you are barren and you have a clinical issue that you can't have a child, accept it and tell the follower 'yes I have ac challenge, once you follow me, join me to petition God".

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