Coronavirus shouldn’t prevent you from giving offertory online - Uncle Ato (VIDEO)

Gospel musician Uncle Ato believes there’s nothing wrong in paying offertory and tithes online despite the hard times Ghanaians are facing.

Showers of blessings as Uncle Ato rocks Kokomlemle Methodist Church

Restriction on movements in some parts of Ghana due to the novel coronavirus was lifted Sunday. The lockdown cost people’s jobs and other businesses.

But churches are demanding that members pay their offertory through online platforms. This generated arguments about whether or not tithes and offertory should be paid.

And according to Uncle Ato, payment of offertory in this hard time attracts a lot of blessings from God.

He told Okay FM that: “The opportunity to give is an opportunity for God to bless us. So, we should worry and cry that we haven’t had the opportunity to give (due to COVID-19).”

Uncle Ato said if people are abreast with the essence of giving offertory, God will bless them.

“We shouldn’t see it as paying into the pastor’s pocket. If there is an understanding in paying offering, it’s an opportunity to bless our finances. Offertory will help churches to develop and progress.”

He added that even the poor should pay offertory because God knows everyone’s heart.

“It’s true that we are going through a hard time at the moment, however, God knows the heart of a every giver. We can make some effort to give offertory. After all, we are not working but we are eating.”

Watch the full interview below.


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