Da Hammer apologizes to Arnold over 'confused and inconsistent' brouhaha (WATCH)

Da' Hammer is smoking the peace pipe with Arnold Asamoah Baidoo after their clash online.

Da Hammer and Arnold Asamoah Baidoo

The music producer and showbiz pundit crossed paths after the latter described Shatta Wale as confused and inconsistent. According to Hammer, "confused is disrespectful no matter how u spin it, and being a journalist certainly gives u no right to call someone confused".

In a long Facebook post that went viral, Hammer went to verbally slay Arnold saying that "if his methods confuse u let it be known cos that would mean it’s relative to u, nothing wrong if his ways confuse u... just don’t try to generalize it as a tag".

He continued that "U forget we made him this way? The cruelty of this industry swallowed him and spit him out, the only difference here is the fact that he fought back and created success however way possible... what be this!!! The guy is actually trying to go beyond himself to move the industry into a better space and u think u know better because of 2 lame examples of Nigerian genres u cited?"

"Me myself I don’t agree with the idea of one Genre to represent GH but can’t I have that opinion without being disrespectful? Sometimes you guys sound like u wanted to be musicians and it didn’t work out," the sound engineer emphasized.

Hammer's comment didn't sit well Arnold so he replied on Facebook page " LOL! Leaders? We are fucked! Da Hammer, for a moment I wish you were my peer, contemporary - anka you will clap for me!"

"Out of reverence to your legendary status; which I have now limited to works and not 'brains', I will let you sleep easy, very easy!" the showbiz pundit added.

Hammer clapped at Arnold again, saying "look am, Arnold wan handle me with subliminal shots. Lol Why do writers have this perception say brains be English grammar... if ibi so like we dey wayyy ahead of the Chinese massa. Like by now ibi u sef dey pay UTV... U no go need the tnt or per diem sef".

"Massa don’t throw lame shots at me... I move different. I been around, I saw u grow.. regardless I still respect your person cos u earned it..." he added and insisted that "this isn’t personal. U were disrespectful and that’s it, nothing more. U can disagree with someone but u can’t call them confused cos u disagree. Simplicita".

The pair met on UTV's United Showbiz last night and they buried the hatched after Hammer apologized for his comments. "I didn't do the post for Shatta, I did it for the industry, too many times we have fallen victims to such attacks from the talking point".

" ... on that note, I apologize to him for attacking his person but what I said that we go through as an industry is true and I felt like he should have taken the higher ground," he said and Arnold replied that he has accepted the apology and apologized to him too. Watch the video below.


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