According to King Faro, a member of hiplife music duo, Akatakyie, he raps better than D Black and Paedae.

Many have gone to the extent to list them as lazy rappers due to their style of rapping.

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Responding to the assertion on Radio Univers’ mid-morning show, , Faro did not understand why a section of the public would mention him amongst the list of worst rappers.

He told show host, Abrantepa that D Black and Paedae are all good rappers. He was however quick to add that he raps better than them as they come nowhere close to his rapping prowess.

“They are not as good as me. They are below my level. But why these rappers? Some people think when you rap like Sarkodie, 2Pac and those people, then you are a good rapper. I am very strategic. You can rap how you want but my simple lines stand the test of time. And that is what we call music. It’s not about rapping fast to the extent that nobody can rap those lines. Paedae is good, D Black is tight; but there is only one champion and that is me,” he said.

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Faro is best known for his lines in a song about a lover deceiving the partner.

So which of these rappers do you think is worst: Faro of Akatakyie, Paedae of R2bees or Black Avenue Music's D Black?