Though DKB apologized severally for his action, the comedian seem not to be over the issue as he reveals that the issue still haunts him and if he had the chance to turn the hand of time, he would have walked away from the model when she provoked him.

DKB revealed this when he was speaking to Francis Addo on NEWS –ONE about range of issues about himself.

“I can never run completely from it. I have managed to bury it in Ghana. I am now left with other countries. I haven’t really interacted with them concerning it so truly I would have lots of questions to answer”, he said.

When he was asked if he slapped her to prove he was man enough, he replied saying; “No, I slapped her because she slapped me first. And that broke the last straw because I had had enough of the verbal abuse”.

Replying to whether or not he would change anything if he had the chance, he said “I would have walked away…and stayed in the BBA house as she gets disqualified”.

He also added that he used to hear from her after BBA but “at point in time everybody minds his/her business”.