Comedian Derick Kwabena Bonney known as DKB has said he does not believe the Afia Schwarzenegger scandal playing out in the media.

He expressed his opinion on the matter during 3Music show on TV3’s Friday Afternoon hosted by Official Kwame and Chriskata.

He said the actions of Afia and Lawrence, as well as another comedian Funny Face, makes marriage look like a dreadful journey.

“A part of me thinks it could be staged a very sensual stage play that involves nudity you might not know,” he said.

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“How are you caught cheating and the only thing that comes out of your mouth is I borrowed money to do the wedding? And the guy too, you see in the heat of the moment, the first thing you say is the truth.”

Quoting Lawrence Abrokwah, the husband of Afia, DKB said he heard him say “Afia, is that how you are and you came to marry me, oh no, I came to marry you?” and Afia saying ‘’I went to borrow money for the wedding” was what in his opinion gave it away.

“So for me, I think people should keep their marriage stuff to themselves because it makes the whole thing dreadful and the whole concept of meaning to marry becomes more useless because day in day out, you keep hearing ugly stuff,” he said.