‘I left the relationship. Do I look depressed?’ - Sister Derby defends Medikal’s birthday post

Sister Derby says she ‘moved on long ago’ after ditching Medikal, disputing claims by fans that she still wants the rapper back in her life.

Sister Derby and Medikal

In April last year, Sister Derby caused a stir on social media when she took to Twitter to share an intimate photo with Medikal (who was his ex at the time) and captioned it: “Happy birthday, Sweet ex.”

Explaining why she made such a post despite knowing that Medikal is married to Fella Makafui at the time, Sister Derby told Nkonkonsa that her message was planned and was just a joke.

Sister Derby said Medikal is not her only ex to have received a birthday message from her. She said she left the relationship and has moved on a long time ago.

“Wishing someone a happy birthday doesn’t mean I haven’t moved on. I wished him (Medikal) birthday because he is a public figure and we were in a public relationship. I wish some of them (exes) happy birthday via text messages.”


“I don’t make theirs public because they were private and I have moved on long ago. As I said, if I hadn’t moved on, I wouldn’t have released Kakalika Love. And at the end of the day, I left the relationship. So, what do you mean I haven’t moved on? Do I look depressed? Do I look struggling? Do I have wrinkles?” she quizzed.

On how she planned the birthday post, she narrated: “The whole day, I was busy -- I wasn’t on social media. But I knew it was his birthday. And in the evening, I went to Twitter, and saw some fans saying ‘Oh, won’t you wish your ex happy birthday?’”

“And I got that my mischievous mind. I saw a nice picture of us on our laptop and I made a joke to my sisters that I will caption it: ‘Happy birthday to my sweet ex’. They burst into laughter and I said, okay, let me do it. The thing is that, people would say the person is married. I said ‘ex’, I didn’t say ‘boo’. Plus, it’s a birthday wish. You can’t take me to court. Our relationship was very sweet and happy one.”


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