Yesterday (October 27), Ghanaian TV personality Peace Hyde said ‘yes’ to Mavin Records boss Don Jazzy.

In his studio yesterday, Peace Hyde who plays a character in this season’s produced by MTV Base agreed with Don Jazzy that Nigerian Jollof rice is better than Ghana rice.

“Yayyy meet @peac_hy she said yes that Nigerian jollof is better” wrote Don Jazzy in the caption of him, and Peace Hyde in the studio.

In the picture, Peace Hyde and Don Jazzy are both holding hands.

The debate between Jollof rice and Ghana rice is still a raging debate online.

A few weeks ago Juliet Ibrahim shared her thoughts about the debate when she was at Pulse.

“I’m one of those people that will just tweet something or put something on Instagram and go like ‘Naija Jollof versus Ghana Jollof’. Seriously Jollof rice is sweet o! It’s my favourite African dish actually. So when people tell me that one Jollof rice is better than the other then I have issues because everybody knows how to cook it better” she said.

Juliet Ibrahim also revealed that Jollof rice made in Liberia is sweeter than the ones made in Ghana or Nigeria.

“If I tell you Liberian Jollof rice is sweeter you people will not believe me. That’s because I can cook it. The Liberian Jollof rice will be mixed up with Ghana style and Naija style, and then that makes it Liberian Jollof.”

You can watch Peace Hyde in Pulse TV interview below;