Daniel caused an uproar on social media a few months ago when he dropped his threesome and naked videos on social media. Apart from smoking and drinking live online, he went on to drag his father's name in the mud.

According to Daniel who was then in America, his father is a 'demon' and attacked him for causing him to break up with a girlfriend of his and for also stopping him from his mother who separated with his father years ago - he said his father said his ex-wife is a witch.

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But the family reacting to Daniel's uproar on social media revealed in a press statement that he has been battling with bipolar disorder and the pleaded with the public to support them with prayers.

Duncan Williams and son Daniel Williams
Duncan Williams and son Daniel Williams

Daniel has returned home and shared family time video with his father that shows them playing Ludu at home. His post has since stirred emotions online, seeing myriads of mixed reactions to his post captioned "Quality time with the old man @archbishopnick ... nothing better".

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