'There's no hope in Ghana' - Edem on why young people are leaving

Ghanaian artiste, Denning Edem Hotor, popularly known as Edem Goget'em, has raised concerns about the growing trend of Ghanaian youth seeking opportunities abroad, attributing it to a perceived lack of hope in their homeland.

Rapper Edem

"Everybody wants to Jakpa; nobody wants to be at a place where dem no dey see progress. Young people need a better life, to see a future, and I feel the difference between the places the people want to go and Ghana is that, those places, there's hope," Edem remarked.

His remarks coincide with a recent surge in the number of young Ghanaians emigrating for various reasons. The 2021 Ghana Population and Housing Census unveiled a concerning trend, indicating a rise in Ghanaians departing for global destinations in pursuit of employment, with the youth constituting the predominant demographic abandoning the nation.


According to statistics from the Thematic Report on Migration 2021, over 77% of those seeking greener pastures abroad fall within the age range of 20 to 49.

The report also disclosed that more than 37% of Ghanaian immigrants opted for Europe, while 23.7% chose the Americas as their relocation destination.


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